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Whether it’s a residential or commercial interior, we have mastered the art of creating stylish interiors through approachable luxury design.

Design Consultation

from $400

After our initial Discovery Call, we recommend a Design Consultation. This is a one hour in-person meeting to discuss your vision, establish your priorities and provide initial insights.

The Design Consultation is a vital step in the process. It gives us the opportunity to see the space, answer any questions you may have and determine if we are a good fit for your project.

Following the meeting, we will provide a customized proposal outlining design fees, furnishings investment, project timeline and payment schedule.

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Let us handle all your design needs

Creating a stunning home or commercial space shouldn't be stressful or overwhelming.

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Details Matter

We take the time to learn about your history, passions and experiences. Those uniquely personal elements are then woven into your design.

Straightforward Process

We understand that the design process can seem daunting. By breaking it down into manageable stages, we ensure that your vision comes to life.

Clear Communication

We believe all great partnerships are based on clear communication. You will understand what to expect every step of the way.

Beautiful Outcomes

Ultimately, it’s about you. We deliver spaces that are beautiful and enrich our clients’ lives.

Full Service Design

from $5000

Every aspect of the design process is carefully handled from start to finish.

We’ll establish your aesthetic and lifestyle needs with a collaborative inspirational review. After creating the floor plans, conceptual and final designs, we’ll begin sourcing all items within the approved budget. We’ll manage the entire process from purchasing and tracking to warehousing and delivery.

When your installation day arrives, our team will install all items, and style the space ahead of your big reveal.

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Meet Kristen Bonney-James

See how Kristen’s background in fashion informs her timeless design philosophy which blends style, function and comfort.

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